SKT 760/18 E

Capsule Thyristor

VRRM 1800 V 
ITAV 760 A 
Part Number: 01890390
Net unit weight: 0.24 kg
Country of Origin: Slovakia
Manufacturer: SEMIKRON

Giá: Liên hệ

Đánh giá: 4.0 điểm/2 đánh giá Đánh giá

* Features:

  • Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator
  • Capsule package for double sided cooling
  • Shallow design with single sided cooling
  • International standard case
  • Off-state and reverse voltages up to 1800 V
  • Amplifying gate

* Typical Applications:

  • DC motor control (e. g. for machine tools)
  • Controlled rectifiers (e. g. for battery charging)
  • AC controllers (e. g. for temperature control)
  • Recommended snubber network e. g. for VVRMS â‰¤ 400 V: R = 33 Ω /32 W, C = 1 µF
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