Application of Semikron
SKiiP® Applications
SPRiNG Technology
SKiNTER Technology
SKiN® Technology
SKYPER® Prime Applications
SKYPER® Prime IGBT driver with isolated digitised sense signals
SEMIKRON IGBT modules : Solutions for wind turbines
Press-Fit Technology Fast and easy assembly of module to PCB
PCB cross section with press-fitted pin
SEMITRANS® 10 Exceeding the Standard – 500kW up to 1.5MW
More output power with symmetric paralleling
SEMITRANS® Low inductance package design with 15nH
SEMITRANS® Applications
Solutions for electric drives
Solutions for photovoltaic solar systems
Solutions for reliable electricity supply
Process and medical power supplies: Solutions for technological power supplies
Utility vehicles application: Solutions for electromobility
Power quality application: Solutions for reliable electricity supply
Solar energy application: Solutions for photovoltaic solar systems
Wind energy application: Solutions for wind turbines
Motor drives application: Solutions for electric drives
Electronics & Controls: Control electronics for power semiconductors
System Design: Highly integrated power electronic systems for electromobility applications
Construction and connection technologies of power modules
Silicon Carbide Components: Leading Chip and Packaging Technology for Highest Energy Efficiency
Highly integrated IGBT driver SKYPER 12 press-fit
SEMIKUBE® IGBT inverter power density at 5.7kVA/L
SEMiSTART® Robust thyristor diode package Double side cooling for high load cycle capability
SKiiP® Sintered chips – for high operating temperatures 3-in-1: Driver, semiconductors & cooling
100% lead free
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